Case Study: Art Studios & Display Walls

Posted by EverBlock on Apr 9th 2020

Client: SilverArt - New York, NY

Challenge: SilverArt needed a cost effective and demountable art display wall system that could also be used to create divider walls for resident artists in their non-profit art initiative.

Goals: SilverArt wanted a free-standing, fire-code compliant, modular wall system that could be moved between floors and buildings in the World Trade Center (WTC) and configured to create studio spaces, exhibit and art display walls.

Concerns: The non-profit provided free space in the World Trade Center complex in order to house and showcase promising working artists and to display their artwork. The space is subject to availability and change, and if a floor is leased, the entire studio operation can be asked to move to another floor or building in the complex. SilverArt needed a removable, re-usable modular wall system, that could be quickly moved into a new space and reinstalled.

The Solution: EverPanel® modular walls


When Cory Silverstein and Joshua Pullman contacted EverBlock, they had a difficult challenge that they were hoping we could meet.

Their vision was to create an artist space that could host promising artists, at various stages of their career. Artists would interview to become residents on a beautiful floor in the World Trade Center complex. The idea was that these artists would collaborate, and work in studios, side-by-side, in Downtown Manhattan, thus providing Manhattan access to artists that could otherwise not afford to work in such a prestigious location.

The Silverstein Group, developers of the World Trade Center, would offer a free floor to SilverArt and help to fund this ambitious art initiative.

There were several challenges that SilverArt hoped EverBlock’s team could overcome, including the potential need to move their entire operation between floors in the same building and possibly even another building.

As SilverArt would be located in a high-profile building location, run in conjunction with the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, any product would need to meet stringent NYC fire codes.

Additionally, all walls would need to be reconfigurable, allowing for a change of layout, a change in studio size, and the ability to turn studio/office walls into art display walls for exhibitions.

Finally, because of the raw nature of the space (concrete walls, columns and ceilings), the panels would need to be free-standing, necessitating the use of columns for support of the wall system.

As a result of the many challenges and requirements, it was decided that the EverPanel® modular wall panel system would be the right product for the task.

Meetings were held with representatives of Silverstein Properties as well as with the Port Authority to gain approval for the EverPanel. Testing reports and physical samples were provided to help reassure the team of the solidity and capabilities of the system.

EverBlock’s sales executive and expert designer, Benjamin Mackrell, worked closely with Cory and Josh, as well as their architect to model out potential floorplans in EverBlock’s 3D Virtual Builder. Artist studios and hallways were laid out, as well as open community spaces. Doors, columns, and openings were added as needed to meet the unique requirements of the space.

Midway through the design of the project, it was determined that SilverArt would be moved to another floor in the same building, though with a different layout and size. 3D models were reconfigured and rendered and counts were re-assessed based on the new space requirements.

As the formal move-in and launch date for SilverArt approached, a stand-alone art exhibit was planned in the space, requiring some EverPanel’s to be delivered and installed in advance of the main shipment. These were used to create walls for multi-media, signage and art. Director of Marketing, Joshua Brownfeld and Benjamin Mackrell from EverBlock assisted in supervising the SilverArt team on this initial installation. Once the event was over, these initial EverPanels were dismantled and saved for later use.

EverBlock rushed production of the balance of the panels to meet a January installation deadline and move in of the artists into their respective studios, all built from EverPanel.


  • EverPanel is free-standing, allowing installation of complete office layouts, without fastening to the existing walls or structure.
  • EverPanel can be easily installed and removed without tools, allowing for easy reconfiguration and/or expansion as company needs change.
  • EverPanel meets E84 Class C fire standards.
  • EverBlock and EverPanel can be used for art display walls and demounted and stored for later use.
  • EverBlock’s representatives model each installation in 3D to allow visualization of a space prior to purchase.
  • EverBlock product is delivered quickly, allowing for rapid transformation of a space.