EverShield Portable Partitions For Social Distancing

Posted by EverBlock on Jul 29th 2020

The EverShield™ Portable Partition System is ideal for creating protective barriers for social distancing, or anywhere a safety barrier might be required. The EverShield is made from sturdy, high quality, fire retardant vinyl making it the perfect product for both long term and short term use. The EverShield vinyl panel connects to PVC coated steel tubing and is supported by steel baseplates that allow the product to stand freely and moved as needs change.

Easily create long divider runs by locking multiple partitions together at their baseplates, which have been specially designed to lock and secure partitions together for sturdy dividers. Just as quickly as the EverShields are built, they are easily dismantled in order to store compactly and reuse when needed.

The EverShield Portable Partition System is ideal for a plethora of spaces. Amazing for dividing long hallways and corridors to direct the flow of traffic. Great for creating distance and dividers in hotels, schools, classrooms, factories, doctor offices, warehouses, or anywhere a barrier might be required.

Designing your space with the flexibility you need, has never been easier than with the EverShield! The EverShield is also available in a variety of sizes to help ensure that your space has the best divider possible. Custom sized panels are available upon request as well. Size and weights currently available per our website range from 6’6’ High x 4’ Long with an assembled weight of 40 pounds to 6’6’ High x 10’ Long with an assembled weight of 50 pounds. The custom vinyl is available in White, Clear, or a Clear vinyl top with a White vinyl bottom. The bases and PVC tubing are both made with black steel. Manufactured in the USA, EverShield is made with the highest quality materials and is easily assembled either by yourself or with help from us! For more information on EverShield please visit our website.