Winter Wonderland

“Ice” Castle In An Urban Winter Wonderland

Winter in NYC is a truly magical time. The stores fill their windows with holiday displays and the streets are strung with bright lights. People shuffle around with smiles and scarves anticipating what each city block and park has to offer. NYC never disappoints and this year was no different.

From January 27th to February 4th EverBlock Systems worked with Bryant Park and Bank Of America to build the 2nd annual “ice” castle for their Winter Carnival.

This was the 3rd annual Winter Carnival event that Bryant Park held, and EverBlock’s 2nd year building an urban interpretation of an “ice” castle… This year’s castle was even bigger and better than last year.

It all started in our 3D Builder, where our designers worked layer by layer to design the 10ft castle with our modular building blocks. From there we had a rendering to work off of while we built and staged the castle (no tools required).

EverBlock Systems 3D rendering of the "ice" castle

EverBlock Systems 3D rendering of the "ice" castle

Over 1,800 blocks were used to create the “ice” castle and arches and it took roughly 6 hours to build. People walking by couldn’t help but stop and ask what the end result would look like; some even pulled up chairs with hot chocolate in hand and watched block by block as the”ice” castle came together.

The Bryant Park Winter Carnival was filled with winter village tents offering hot food and beverages. For nine days NYC natives and visitors alike filled the park to ice skate, listen to music and warm up in the lodge. There was even a special ice skating showcase starring Olympian, Johnny Weir.

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -

Come nightfall the castle was lit by colorful dramatic uplighting which made for the perfect scene for selfie central.

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -

Check out the fun time-lapse video of the “ice” castle being built from start to finish, and be sure to visit Bryant Park next year for their 4th annual Winter Carnival with Bank Of America. We are planning a huge build that will give you ‘chills’.

EverBlock Systems offers reusable modular building blocks that can be used to build objects for all types of unique applications. From decor at events, structures for disaster relief, architectural elements and accents, furniture, props, trade show displays and so much more EverBlock modules make the perfect system for all types of creations and design ideas… You are limited only by your imagination.  

Visit the EverBlock website and let’s build something incredible together.

Ice Castle in an Urban Winter Wonderland

Bryant Park hosted the 2016 Winter Carnival weekend, a part of Bank of America's annual winter village, in the middle of NYC February 5th and 6th. And here at EverBlock Systems, we're still buzzing with excitement from the event. There were so many fun activities to take part in including an ice ball, skating showcase, outdoor brewhouse, silent disco, curling lessons, and warming lodge. Best of all, we were front and center on Avenue of the Americas and 41st Street. Take a look: 

We certainly made a impact on guests with our grand entrance to the carnival, 10-foot high parapets and icy-white 20-foot long facade. Our team, with the help of Bank of America team members, built and built into the wee hours of Friday morning battling icy rain to finish this beauty! We used close to 1,200 of our Translucent blocks to complete this grandeur, lacing each of the four corner columns with LED light strips to illuminate the castle from within. Then, purple, blue, and pink flood lights were added along the base of the castle creating a brilliant colored glow.

Guests arrived and were stunned! We heard a story of friends interacting with it: one went up and touched the walls and the other friend said "Is it cold?!" That's the effect the translucent blocks had. And the dusting of snow that arrived early Friday morning boosted the feeling. With EverBlock you get the best of both worlds, a seemingly made-of-ice castle with NO melting. Even in the snow-plentiful town of Lake George, the real ice castle took some damage from the warm sun. Not with EverBlock. This stood up to the elements and was a fun and interactive feature for all the guests to play in! It made for a great background for selfies and social media shots. You can find lots on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the tag #wintercarnival. 

The big number was the Silent Disco that happened Saturday night. Guests listened to music on their light-up headphones with killer DJs playing the tunes on two channels. It was a great way to bring the park to life after hours! Lots of dancing and singing out loud, for sure, but the music was only on in the headphones. Must have been some sight for passers-by!

In the end, the Winter Carnival was a huge success and a super, fun-packed weekend in NYC for residents and tourists alike. EverBlock was a great solution for the ice castle and with a turn-key rental and install, we set it up and broke it down before anyone knew what hit 'em! 

Don't miss out next year, we're sure to be BIGGER and BETTER!

Happy wintertime and keep building!