EverBlock | The Meaning of Modular

EverBlock | The Meaning of Modular

The EverBlock System was designed to allow you to build nearly anything.

Reflect your individuality and build amazing things with our modular system of over-sized plastic building blocks.

Building is fun and takes mere minutes. It is also quick and simple to take apart and reassemble into hundreds of other objects, structures and designs.

EverBlock comes in three block sizes; Full Block, Half Block, Quarter Block and a Finishing Cap that interlocks to create a flat smooth top surface. These varying block sizes allow for an unlimited building potential and designs.

EverBlock™ Hits World Maker Faire 2015


Makers, artists, crafters, engineers, tech junkies, and DIY enthusiasts from all over the globe united for one slam-packed weekend showcasing the best and brightest innovators and their creations at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing, Queens on September 26th and 27th.

The New York Maker Faire draws in tens of thousands of attendees to see new releases from pioneers like: Microsoft, Google, and Netflix. But it also welcomes new comers to game in what they call the “Startup Zone,” which is where EverBlock Systems had a brightly built booth made from none other, but….EverBlocks.

With a few blocks to spare, the mini makers in attendance got busy working on all sorts of creations. No amount of dust could keep them away from using their imaginations and building life-size constructions!

It was easy to see the wheels churning, working out the technical (yet fun) aspects of engineering with EverBlock. 

After a fun-filled and inspiring two days of “Hey I saw you guys on the web! Here they are in real life!” we were happy to share the blocks with some of the attendees who stayed until the very end; a great way to recycle our booth and join in the GREEN theme of the weekend.