EverBlock Wall vs. Traditional Drywall Wall - Which Is Cheaper?

Some people have asked about the price of EverBlock, with the reaction… “I LOVE the concept, brilliant and FUN! But way out of my price range to build a wall partition in my apartment/home”.

So let’s settle this misconception once and for all.

  1. There are no other products on the market like EverBlock. Our modular system is fully functional and designed to be used time and time again for a multitude of different objects or furniture designs. EverBlock is a premium product in the world of temporary walls, and requires NO tools to build with.

  2. EverBlock is priced by the current cost of high-impact polypropylene plastic and color additives. Each block is also outfitted with UV inhibitors to protect the color for up to 8+ years if outdoors. However, we are still always looking into ways to cut costs for our customers and block enthusiasts.

  3. In many cities building a wall or temporary wall in an apartment building or complex is generally frowned upon by building owners and landlords - if even allowed at all. In 90% of the buildings a permit is required by the city to build a wall partition; that is if the landlord even approves for the build.

*The national average cost of a building permit is $1,156 in 2017, with most homeowners spending between $451 and $1,862. The price has gone up since 2015. 

Therefore you are limited in your options, and will have to wait for proper permits. This could take weeks, even months. All you want to do is build a partition, why should this be so difficult?

We decided to put this to the test:

As you can see there is a definite price difference, with EverBlock System being the less expensive of the two. 

Now, here are the added benefits of the EverBlock System.

Picture this… You live in a small apartment or home and have an EverBlock wall partition to separate your living room space into an office area. Your family or best friends are in town and you invite them over for a dinner party. Due to the small living space, you are limited with the number of guests that you can entertain and now need additional room and seating. HELP!

Simply take the wall apart (no tools required and 30 minutes tops) and use the blocks to build stools, chairs and a table to eat on. Now you have extra room to get your party on, and guests are comfortable. When they leave, build your wall again. Problem solved!

EverBlock has lifelong value!

Need some ideas or inspiration? Feel free to browse through some actual EverBlock real world wall designs and check out the temporary walls and room dividers page on our website.

“Ice” Castle In An Urban Winter Wonderland

Winter in NYC is a truly magical time. The stores fill their windows with holiday displays and the streets are strung with bright lights. People shuffle around with smiles and scarves anticipating what each city block and park has to offer. NYC never disappoints and this year was no different.

From January 27th to February 4th EverBlock Systems worked with Bryant Park and Bank Of America to build the 2nd annual “ice” castle for their Winter Carnival.

This was the 3rd annual Winter Carnival event that Bryant Park held, and EverBlock’s 2nd year building an urban interpretation of an “ice” castle… This year’s castle was even bigger and better than last year.

It all started in our 3D Builder, where our designers worked layer by layer to design the 10ft castle with our modular building blocks. From there we had a rendering to work off of while we built and staged the castle (no tools required).

EverBlock Systems 3D rendering of the "ice" castle

EverBlock Systems 3D rendering of the "ice" castle

Over 1,800 blocks were used to create the “ice” castle and arches and it took roughly 6 hours to build. People walking by couldn’t help but stop and ask what the end result would look like; some even pulled up chairs with hot chocolate in hand and watched block by block as the”ice” castle came together.

The Bryant Park Winter Carnival was filled with winter village tents offering hot food and beverages. For nine days NYC natives and visitors alike filled the park to ice skate, listen to music and warm up in the lodge. There was even a special ice skating showcase starring Olympian, Johnny Weir.

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -  http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival)

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -  http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival)

Come nightfall the castle was lit by colorful dramatic uplighting which made for the perfect scene for selfie central.

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park -  http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival )

(Photo Credit: Bryant Park - http://wintervillage.org/visit/wintercarnival)

Check out the fun time-lapse video of the “ice” castle being built from start to finish, and be sure to visit Bryant Park next year for their 4th annual Winter Carnival with Bank Of America. We are planning a huge build that will give you ‘chills’.

EverBlock Systems offers reusable modular building blocks that can be used to build objects for all types of unique applications. From decor at events, structures for disaster relief, architectural elements and accents, furniture, props, trade show displays and so much more EverBlock modules make the perfect system for all types of creations and design ideas… You are limited only by your imagination.  

Visit the EverBlock website and let’s build something incredible together.

EverBlock heads to the World Trade Center for Life-size Architectural Modeling

EverBlock's expert design-and-build duo, Ben MacKrell and Arnon Rosan, headed to the World Trade Center's 84th floor to assist in the installation of a life-size model hotel room earlier this May.

The project team reviewing an overhead A/C unit concept.

The project team reviewing an overhead A/C unit concept.

The project is for an upcoming renovation of a 1960's NYC landmark building (we'll be sure to tell you where as soon as we can!), so it was only natural that the life-size rendering also took place in an iconic NYC building. And what a view! One World Trade certainly lives up to its impressive stature, inside and out.

Positioning of "beds" and a "desk" to better understand room flow and feel. Note second A/C concept with column on right 

Positioning of "beds" and a "desk" to better understand room flow and feel. Note second A/C concept with column on right 

Construction on the site is set to begin this coming August, but until then, designs are not yet set in stone. So EverBlock was brought in to assist with the remodeling plans. While designs and layouts are finalized, the construction company, developers, and architects will be able to play and plan in a truly to-scale model of their projected hotel rooms. They can breakdown the block walls into various configurations; moving a HVAC column or doorway threshold from one place to another, creating single bedrooms, suites and more.

All the stake holders were on site for the initial build. The plans were taped out on the floor and as Ben put it, they "colored between the lines" with the blocks, building a full bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Model furniture was laid out and moved around as well; bed frames and bathroom vanities repositioned at whim. The whole full scale build, with turns and curves and columns took under two hours to complete; a seemingly simple project for such extraordinary benefits. Now the engineering team involved will be able to fully immerse themselves in the actual, physical architecture and decor of the room to make the best possible decisions about design and function. 

This experiential prototype allows the planners to test different dimensions and get the full feeling of the space. It becomes easier to communicate different aspects of the architectural and structural design as well as envision decor and accent choices when working in true to size and not just miniature cardboard scale models. The existing architecture of the WTC played a role in the building of each space. Having windows with actual skyline views where the windows are meant to be in the hotel room, is a pretty cool feature!

At the completion of the dry-run planning, EverBlock's team will head back to the WTC and disassemble the walls of blocks, pack them back on the pallets and ship back to the warehouse in the Bronx. The architects and development crews will take their finalized plans and go on to revamp this forgotten landmark back to the legendary status it deserves.

Check out the pictures below of the build: