Accordion Door Installation

step by step instructions for installing an accordion door in your setup

Follow the steps below to install your accordion door into your build or refer to the video for more instructions.

Instructions apply to both Block and Panel systems.

Step 1

- Build your EverBlock or EverPanel wall to install your accordion door system.

- Walls must be at least 7ft high for the door to be installed.

Step 2
- Apply Track Lubricant to round nodules on top of door.

- Slide round nodules into Door Lintel with Track.

- Place unit at the top of block wall fitting holes onto the lugs.

Step 3
- Insert 2 Door Handle Pins into one door handle, then slot handle pins through holes on the Door Panel Unit.

- Attach remaining Door Handle to the Handle Pins and squeeze for a tight fit. 

Step 4
- Secure Accordion Door to wall by fastening the Door Support Clips to one side (centered) with the screw.

- Snap that end of the Door Panel into the Clips.

Step 5
- Align Reciever Channel and fasten with screw.

- Align and fasten the Magnetic Plates along the Channel Reciever.

- Tighten all screws with a screwdriver by hand to not strip the screw.