Military Training Facilities

Create durable rigid structures for Military Urban Ops Training and Police Tactical Training


Rapidly Deployable Structures Created From EverBlock and EverPanel Modules

From tactical training facilities to force-on-force training compounds, use EverBlock® to create all types of unique and expandable structures for military and police training applications. The blocks provide an easy to transport system of modular construction blocks that allows for the rapid building of all types and sizes of compound.

With a lack of infrastructure, most remote sites require immediate deployment of structures to house support and relief staff as well as inhabitants and victims. Time is of the essence and flexibility is key since needs change - in real time.

Unlike tents, EverBlocks are rigid and provide a more durable and "permanent" feel for relief activities. EverBlock is manufactured in a rigid polypropylene co-polymer that is chemical and weather resistant and will not absorb bacteria like other more porous materials such as fiberboard or wood.

Endless Solutions For Military Applications

  • MOUT and Urban Training Facilities

  • Shoot Houses for SIM Training

  • Modular Medical Facilities

  • Force-on-Force Training Exercises

  • Perimeter Security

  • Rapidly Deployable Shelters and Facilities

  • Temporary Housing

  • Force-On-Force Training Exercises

  • Hospital Dividers and Rooms

  • Portable Buildings


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