Construction & Industrial Facilities

Create objects and structures for job sites, factories and warehouses


Build All Types of Objects and Structures for Industrial Applications

EverBlock can be used in various industrial and construction applications. From interior structures for factories to enclosures for equipment and from area delineation at construction sites to temporary office space, use EverBlock to build the structures you need to be more efficient.

From buildings to room dividers and from pony walls to warning barriers, use EverBlock to build all types of weather and chemical resistant structures for your industrial and construction needs. When your project is over, the blocks can be transported as needed on pallets and re-assembled at another location or modified on-site for different applications.

Build Your Solution

  • Equipment Enclosures

  • Traffic Control

  • Perimeter Security

  • Modular Office Spaces

  • Area Dileneation and Privacy Screening


Assemble Indoor and Outdoor Structures

Manufactured in a rigid polypropylene co-polymer that is chemical and weather resistant and will not absorb bacteria like other more porous materials such as fiberboard or wood. Unlike more porous materials, EverBlock is easily cleaned with standard cleaning solutions and may be pressure washed.

Create temporary or semi-permanent guard shacks, storage buildings, and offices and install windows and doors as you would on a traditionally constructed building.


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