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EverBlock is great for fostering an environment of play and learning found in schools, classrooms and colleges across the world. Our modular blocks can also be found in museums, amusement centers, playgrounds, NASA's Space Camp, and more!

EverBlock is used by schools and in classrooms for interactive educational learning programs to keep kids engaged, while offering a modular solution to functional classroom design.

These life size modular building block systems are a hands-on, fun and educational way to brighten up a STEM and STEAM classroom. They allow children to explore principles of design, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and exciting way.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. It promotes a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning for students K-12 while focusing on these critical subjects and preparing children's minds for successful futures in these fields.

STEAM incorporates the disciplines of ART, Design and Humanities into the ideology of STEM learning by emphasizing creativity through problem solving and critical thinking.

As students building bridges, houses, furniture, and endless more creations - they're learning about lateral thinking and how to think in 3 dimensions. It also helps develop their problem solving, organizational, team building and planning skills.

Blocks are light enough for elementary students to work with easily, yet sturdy enough to build full scale, reliable, weight-bearing structures for advanced STEM classrooms.


Building Blocks for Learning, Fun, Classroom Decor and Walls

There are so many ways to utilize EverBlock in your educations programs as EverBlock is a creative medium for expression and learning. You can decide the program or let students express their creativity and lead the way, all while having fun in the process.

Our unique interlocking block system challenges and inspires while allowing you to actually create useable objects such as furniture, wall systems, and classroom decor. With 16 colors to choose from and 5 building block sizes with caps, EverBlock offers a great assortment for pattern and design oriented projects.

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Use EverPanels to Safely Reopen Schools For Students, Faculty and Staff

Convert open spaces such as gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias into classrooms, hallway partitions for walkway traffic, creating separate and new learning spaces and so much more.

EverPanel modular walls meet CDC and School Reopening Guidelines and be reconfigured, repurposed, and easily installed to maximize space.

EverPanel Is The Wall Of The Future

EverPanel is free-standing, allowing dividers to be used in any size space without being fastened to another existing wall.

Quickly build faculty offices, gymnasium classroom conversions or any other space required, using a series of lightweight, durable wall panels.

Walls are installed without tools and as such there’s no dust, noise, or dirt from construction.

All EverBlock products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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