Hospital Divider Walls

Modular Divider Walls For Temporary Field Hospitals, Acute Care Facilities, Homeless Shelters & More


EverBlock® and EverPanel® walls are used in offices, hospitals and medical facilities to provide separation between polulations and to create offices, exam rooms and dividers between beds. They can be used to build pop-up temporary hospitals, acute surge facilities, nursing and vaccination stations to mitigate the spread of bacteria or virus.

EverPanel is a sanitary wall panel used to build temporary hospitals, sleeping and medical pods, offices, patient recovery rooms, nurse stations and more using a series of portable wall panels that connect using a proprietary lug and connector system. Patient pods built entirely from modular wall panels, or a hybrid patient pod with a roof that consists of a tent frame, clad with EverPanel and accordion door. These types of medical pods provide greater isolation between COVID-19 patients and those in recovery.

Avoid Cross-Contamination Using EverPanel Sanitary Wall Panels

  • Vaccination Screening Stations & Sites

  • Mobile Clinics & Testing

  • Temporary Medical Offices

  • Patient Waiting Areas

  • Drive-Up Test Clinics

  • Administrative Facilities


Committed To Safety By Using EverBlocks and EverPanels

Convert gymnasiums, armories, convention centers, and unused warehouses for Coronavirus surge facilities using our rapidly deployable wall solutions.

Delineate areas and provide isolation as needed for testing, sleeping, or work. Modular building blocks and wall panel systems are used to create temporary or semi-permanent shelters, social dividers, interior tent walls, and medical facilities.


Called Into Action With EverBlock and EverPanel

The Ernest M. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans was transformed into a hospital site for COVID-19 patients and medical pods by using EverBlocks and EverPanels. In New Jersey, a gymnasium was also transformed into an acute care facility and temporary hospital to test and separate patients.

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