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Build Temporary Walls Easily
With Modular EverBlocks® & EverPanels®

The universality of the EverBlock and EverPanel systems allows you to create all types of temporary walls, portable room dividers, and modular walls to re-shape spaces and change the look and feel of your room.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create a room divider in a loft space or kids bedroom, an office looking to install demountable walls, a factory looking to divide their space, a gym looking to provide a colorful and fun enclosure for a play or workout area, or a special event looking to divide tents or ballrooms in an elegant fashion, the versatility of EverBlock and EverPanel makes these types of projects a "snap".

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Walls With Doors

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Using Big Play Blocks For Room Dividers & Partitions

With EverBlock® you can make completely custom accent walls and room dividers that can vary in height, width, thickness, color, shape, or openings. Reconfigure your conference room or break area with big play blocks - build lounges, tables or counters to complete your office decor.

Whether it's a commercial office, conference room or waiting area - you can quickly create the space you need with our economical, dust-free modular wall systems. These modular block walls can be used indoors and outdoors.

These big play blocks can be used for a wide range of purposes, from creating play structures for kids to dividing a space or creating partitions within an office.

Temporary Wall Systems With Doors

Create multiple rooms from one room, quickly, easily and with no dirt or debris. Install yourself easily and reposition, reconfigure, and remove and move to another location as needed. EverBlock wall kits can be used in conjunction with accordion doors to create flexible and customizable partitions and enclosures. Accordion doors are doors that are made up of a series of connected panels that fold up and away when opened, much like an accordion. They are typically used to divide spaces or create temporary walls, and are often used in commercial and institutional settings such as schools, offices, and event venues.

The giant play blocks come in a range of sizes and colors, and can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for tools. They can be used to create everything from walls and partitions, to furniture and decorative elements. The blocks are also stackable, allowing for the creation of structures with multiple levels.


Modular Solutions For Any Environment

EverBlock® is perfect for shared apartments, dorm rooms, basements, offices, and to divide spaces for commercial use such as for events, to section of construction areas, and a multitude of other applications. Instead of using clunky "bookcase walls" or "pressurized walls" that can damage your fixed walls, you can build beautiful EverBlock portable walls to separate living areas. 

EverBlocks install quickly and can be reconfigured as needed should your needs change.  You can start with a smaller wall and add blocks as needed to expand your wall at a later date.  Alternate block colors and sizes to create dramatic visual effects or use standard sized blocks in muted colors for a more traditional wall feel.  Leave openings for doors, windows, light, or air flow and build in shelving and other elements as needed.

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