EverBlock Products

EverBlock® Systems is the leading manufacturer and provider of modular giant building blocks, tubular-shaped modules, modular wall systems, and partition screens for schools, corporate offices, residential apartments and homes and government facilities. We offer an array of options and complimentary design services to help you meet your needs.

EverBlock® Modular Building Blocks

EverBlock's modular, interlocking, building blocks let you build nearly anything. Use EverBlock’s full line of colorful giant play blocks to build temporary and permanent walls or room dividers, exhibits and displays, modular furniture, event decor and more!


EverPanel® Modular Wall Panels

The EverPanel instant and portable wall system lets you quickly build all types of floor plans. EverPanel are easy to install, modular panels, that can be used to create room dividers, instant offices, and partitions at schools, corporate offices, warehouses, and events.


EverCurve® Tubular Modules

EverCurve is a unique series of interlocking tubes that are connected to create walls, dividers, partitions, and other fun objects. Unlike other wall systems, EverCurve allows you to create rounded walls, wavy walls, and curved walls; offering you complete flexibility.