Modular Exhibits & Retail Displays

Create custom exhibits limited only by your imagination


Use EverBlock to build intricate portable back walls, display niches, modular exhibits, modular platforms, trade show display, expandable podiums, ledges and all types objects. Run power within the exhibition booth wall for lighting, screens, and other accessories, or illuminate display walls with LED lighting strips to create dramatic visual experiences.

Sections connect easily in any length, width, height, or configuration required. Because of EverBlock's unique modular block design, you can transport your custom trade show booths and portable exhibits compactly and efficiently, minimizing shipping and drayage fees.

Create Enticing Retail Displays and Store Fixtures For Events

EverBlock is perfect for creating unique retail displays and for building customized store fixtures. Easily design tables, columns, display plinths, sales counters, trade show display walls, backdrops, and nearly anything you might need for a retail store space.


Displays and Exhibits Limited Only By Your Imagination

With so many possible configurations, what type of pop-up display or exhibit you build is up to you. No matter what you build, your modular trade show display is always re-configurable, always stores and ships compactly, is incredibly durable, and can be used outdoors or indoors.

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