Vaccination Stations


Deploy Vaccination Stations With Modular Wall Panels

Create instant vaccination rooms, dividing larger open spaces into mini medical rooms that can be used for private consultations and vaccinations. Keep patients separated for their COVID vaccinations and maintain social distancing between patients and staff. Add instant storage rooms, including lockable doors as needed.

Rapidly Deployable Wall Systems For Covid-19 Vaccination Stations

Our modular wall systems are fully scalable, flexible, install quickly and efficiently without any tools. Integrated cable channels allow running power and networking cables through the center of the wall panel.


Safely Vaccinate Patients While Maintaining Social Distancing

Turn tented facilities into safe medical and large-scale vaccination stations, add distance in medical clinics, pharmacies, tented surge facilities and drive-through vaccination stations.


Instant Safety Dividers

EverPanel modular walls meet CDC, FEMA and School Reopening guidelines, and can be reconfigured, repurposed, and easily installed to maximize space, maintain social distancing and provide mobile testing clinics to safely and efficiently vaccinate patients. Panels are easy to clean, sanitize and are portable. Create safe separation between medical testing personnel and patients using a series of portable wall panels that connect using a proprietary lug and connector system.

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