Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About The EverPanel Modular Wall System


What is EverPanel?

EverPanel is a modular wall panel system that consists of specially designed lightweight wall panels that interconnect to create walls for offices, residential spaces and commercial locations. The EverPanel system can be installed in minutes by only 2 people, allowing for complete large office builds in less than a day and for reconfiguration of walls as needed. Panels are easy to clean using standard household cleaners and are stored compactly and transported efficiently.

What are the benefits of using EverPanel?

Having a modular system like EverPanel allows for tremendous flexibility. No tools, contractors or extra building materials are required meaning that you don’t need to disrupt your team with noisy and dirty construction. Our panel system is designed to be used again and again to create unique configurations for offices, residences, retail spaces, and public facilities. Simply break down EverPanel room dividers and bring them with you to another location. Additionally, EverPanel is water resistant and may be used in wet or moist areas where standard sheetrock, wood, or other materials aren’t suited.

Who uses EverPanel?

EverPanel is used by offices, residences, government agencies, retail spaces, events, exhibitions, and anyone who needs a demountable wall system. EverPanel is ideal for creating conference rooms, offices, cubicles, factory spaces, apartment shares, and for converting raw spaces such as lofts, basements, warehouses and bare retail space into multi-office/multi-room spaces. Anyone who wants to avoid sheetrock, wood, paint, tape, studs, and other standard construction materials can use EverBlock to quickly deploy a wall. Anyone looking to minimize downtime and eliminate the noise and dust from construction is a perfect EverPanel candidate.

How big are EverPanels?

There are 18 EverPanel sizes, which can be mixed and matched as necessary for your specific floor plan and layout.

  • EP 8’x4’ Panel
  • EP 8’x3’ Panel
  • EP 8’x2’ Panel
  • EP 8’x1’ Panel
  • EP 7’x4’ Panel
  • EP 7’x3’ Panel
  • EP 7’x2’ Panel
  • EP 7’x1’ Panel
  • EP 4’x4’ Panel
  • EP 4’x3’ Panel
  • EP 4’x2’ Panel
  • EP 4’x1’ Panel
  • EP 3’x3’ Panel
  • EP 3’x2’ Panel
  • EP 3’x1’ Panel
  • EP 2’x2’ Panel
  • EP 2’x1’ Panel
  • EP 1’x1’ Panel 

What Finish/Claddings are available?

  • White FRP - Fiber Reinforced Plastic/Polymer, non-porous wall surface which resists moisture, rot, mildew, stains, scratches and dents.
  • 4 Colors of SoundSorb - Fire resistant, mold- and moisture-proof and eco-friendly: SoundSorb is composed of 60% recycled material from PET bottles, which produce a soft, strong material that’s durable and has great acoustic performance. NRC rated up to 0.60. (Please note: recycled content may result in natural variations in texture and shading, especially from order to order.
  • Custom Printed FRP is also available. 

How stable is an EverPanel Wall?

EverPanel walls are extremely stable when assembled in the proper configuration. To support the Panels you can bracket EverPanels into existing structures, create Panel support columns, and even use EverPanel Base kits for a freestanding look.  Check out our Wall Kit Shop, or 3D Builder's Design Library for ideas, or Contact Us for a custom design!

How tall are EverPanel Walls?

EverPanel Kits are available in heights of 3,4,5,6,7, and 8 foot tall.  Heights of up to 12 foot are possible, Contact Us for a custom design and quote.

What are the EverPanels made of?

The standard EverPanel is a 2 part system.  First the frame is made of an patented injection molded modules.  That ABS Plastic Framing is available in two colors, and comes standard with additives for smoke reduction, fire retardancy, and additional durability.   That frame is then bonded and chemically welded to 'FRP' Fiber Reinforced Plastic/Polymer sheets, or with compressed PET plastic cladding for the outer finish.

Where do I start if I need help designing something with EverPanels?

Thousands of EverPanel Partition, Room, and Cubicle kits are available in our EverPanel Kit Shop, and we are standing by to help create a rendering and quote for you needs, but if you would like to create your own EverPanel creation we do have a simple and fun 3D Virtual Builder tool which enables users to build and design walls, dividers, and complete rooms. Browse the Design Library and drop in one of our hundreds of pre-built designs, such as offices, bedrooms, dormitories, conference rooms and sales areas. Place pre-built objects into the builder and add accessories as needed to meet your requirements. Please visit the following link to access the 3D Virtual Builder

For free design assistance and guidance you can also Contact Us!

How are EverPanels shipped?

EverPanel are shipped on a pallet via freight truck and will require someone at your location to remove the product(s) off of the truck. If you need the product(s) lowered to the ground or brought inside your building, you can add those additional delivery services at checkout for a small fee.

  • Panels smaller than 4' ship on a 50" x 50" pallet
  • Panels larger than 4' ship on a 98" x 50" pallet

For more details and information on shipping freight, please view our Shipping & Delivery page.

Can I hang art from EverPanels?

Yes, EverPanel is stable enough to hang standard pictures and paintings and is ideal for creating gallery walls and art display walls. Typically one would hang hooks from the top of the frame and run picture wire or fishing line down to the suspended pieces. We do not recommend hanging pieces with depth greater than 3 inches from the face of the wall, or items over 60 Lbs.  Specialty reinforced Panels are available for mounting heavier pieces, or TV Monitors.

Can I hang Monitors from EverPanels?

Yes, the EverPanel Power Wall is designed to support TV Monitors.  Please contact us with details on your project and we can ensure compatibility with your mounts.

Can I put a roof/ceiling on EverPanels?

Yes,  Contact us for a custom design and quote.

Can I put windows in EverPanels?

Yes,  Contact us for custom design and quote, or check out these window topped cubicle partitions.

Can I have power outlets, sockets in an EverPanel walls?

Yes, our EverPanel Power Wall is designed with 2 outlets and USB ports.

Can I paint or use wallpaper on EverPanels?

Painting EverPanels, although possible, is not recommended as the FPR surface is not conducive to painting and is difficult to adhere to, and the SoundSorb Surface is highly porous.

We do offer custom printed EverPanels, or most big box home goods stores stock adhesive backed wallpaper and local printers can create custom pieces. To avoid seeing seams between panels, when applying adhesive backed wallpapers, we recommend applying standard construction seaming tape over seams before wallpaper is adhered.

Are EverPanels water proof?

The FRP-clad standard EverPanels are waterproof, but are intended for mostly protected use.  Indoors or under shelter.

When building walls and structures to resist water infiltration, we suggest sealing the seams between EverPanel sections using water resistant tape, or seamless vinyl clings. This prevents water penetration from the outside inwards.

Do EverPanels have a fire rating?

Yes, EverPanel has undergone rigorous fire testing and pass ASTM E-84 at Class C. This signifies that EverPanel has has passed rigorous flame spread requirements as well as produces smoke less than the maximum permitted under Class C.

Do EverPanels have an acoustic rating/R-Value?

Yes, FRP EverPanel have undergone ASTM EE90-09 Sound Test.  R-Value for EverPanel panels is estimated at R-2 based on 3 inches of air space and two exterior FRP walls. Note: This is for individual panels and complete wall values may vary based on pattern and arrangement of panels in a space.

Can I build a house with EverPanels?

EverPanel, although quite rugged, is an interior finishing product, and is designed to be used indoors or under shelter.

How are EverPanels cleaned?

The ABS Frame and FRP surfaces are fully waterproof and able to be cleaned with any number of household products. Typically we use a microfiber cloth and an ammonia based spray cleaner.

For SoundSorb clad EverPanels, dust or dry debris can be removed with a vacuum and upholstery attachment. If spot cleaning is required lightly spray with a solution of warm water and mild soap and brush with a non-abrasive cloth or soft nylon brush.

For Polycarbonate Panels accessories, the easiest and safest way to clean polycarbonate is with a mild soap, such as dish washing liquid, and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Work from the top down to minimize any drips that may run over the finished areas. Avoid using ammonia or alcohol-based products such as Windex or Lysol as they may etch the surface or coating of the panels.

Where are EverPanels manufactured?

EverPanels are proudly manufactured 100% in the USA, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Is EverPanel patented?

EverPanel currently has multiple functional and design patents pending on its unique modular wall panel system. The panels incorporate unique functionality that has never been used before - from its unique connection system to its internal support structure, the EverPanel truly is a revolution in modular and temporary wall system design.