EverBlock Decor, Props and Scenery

Have you ever walked into a space and was astounded by the decor or design? Maybe the aesthetic was something really cool and new, that you had never seen before, or a design you just knew you wanted to recreate in your home or for your office. Possibly the next big corporate event?

At EverBlock, our modular blocks were created so that you can build almost anything that comes to your imagination, and then create even more things. Reusability is at the core of our business.

From decor, props and murals, to scenery options, building with EverBlock offers endless possibilities.

You can check it out for yourself, feel free to browse our Instagram page! 

Our 3D Virtual Builder can be used to create any model or structure that you can think up. Within the Builder we even have a Design Library with pre-built display walls, props and characters, mural walls and scenery. It’s super easy to manipulate different colors and design options!

The modular walls are great because the different color variations can turn them into a mural, or a vinyl sticker can be placed on them for branding your design, which is perfect for stage backdrops, to grab attention in retail, brand activations or even birthday parties.

You can create all kinds of furniture with EverBlock. From desks to beds and chairs to stools, modular furniture offers a unique and nostalgic way to liven up any room.   

Design and build large-scale representations of basic things like Christmas Trees, to more complex objects like a 15ft tall R2D2, or a Formula One racecar!

Remember the huge Pokemon Go craze in the Summer of 2016? (If not, here’s a throwback blog post) We created a huge Pokemon and Pokeballs for the trend, which became major hit for snapping a selfie in front of. Get ahead of the next fad with EverBlock.

One of our favorite “WOW” moments was the giant “ice” castle build in Bryant Park NYC for their Winter Carnival. The castle was illuminated with LED lights from within and projection lights from below to create a one of a kind Winter fairytale.

In addition to all the color options we have for our blocks, we also have a translucent option that an LED light strip can be attached or inserted into a block in order to illuminate it.

We want to make you say “WOW” each time you walk into your own home, office or event. Check out the website for a chance to use the 3D Builder and see more about our decor, props, and scenery options!