Portable Partition System


Moveable Standing Partitions

The EverShield™ Portable Partition System is ideal for long hallways or corridors at schools, hotels, venues and convention centers, offices, libraries, municipal buildings, factories and anywhere a cost-effective and attractive divider is required. Separate classrooms, warehouses, lobbies, gyms, clinics, and any facility or room where a protective barrier and separation is required.

Ideal for offices, libraries, salons, clinics, studios, factories, restaurants, and anywhere that a privacy divider or social distancing screen is required.

Portable & Efficient Protection

EverShield is the perfect solution for both long term or short term use, the system was designed to be durable and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be portable according to your needs.

All EverShield vinyl fabric is fire retardant and tested to the highest national standards, making the panels safe for any institutional or office environment. Available in a variety of sizes to ensure that you have the best divider for your space.


Setup Partitions and Barriers Instantly

Separate long hallways and open spaces in schools to allow children and educators to pass through the halls while protecting students, staff and teachers. Add EverShield social distancing dividers and portable partitions in-between hallways to separate incoming and outgoing foot traffic or in lobby reception areas or elevator waiting areas.


Multiple Sizes To Choose From

EverShield is available in a variety of vinyl sheet sizes, sure to meet the spatial and divider needs of any space. Safely and rapidly install fire retardant see-through vinyl dividers and partitions.

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