Lactation Rooms

Customizable Lactation Rooms For Nursing Mothers


Safe and Private Rooms For Nursing Mothers

EverBlock offers lactation room kits built using life-size modular building blocks or using EverPanel's modular wall panel system. Designed to create a safe and private space for nursing mothers, both wall systems offer rapid deployable walls and rooms. Using our proven EverBlock wall system, you can build a lactation room in minutes, with no construction noise, dust or debris.

We offer complete kits with the required number of blocks and an accordion door. Rooms come in various sizes and configurations, designed to work within your existing office or event space. Most lactation rooms can be set up in 20-30 minutes without tools or experienced contractors and rooms can be moved, reconfigured, or disassembled and stored as needed.

Create Private Rooms For Breastfeeding Mothers

Providing such a space in offices is not only an accommodation for mothers, but is often required by law. Many states throughout the USA now have specific laws requiring that spaces (bathrooms are not permitted) be provided for breastfeeding mothers to pump.


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