Disaster Relief Housing and Modular Aid Facilities

EverPanel can be used to rapidly construct offices, schools, housing, or storage facilities in disaster zones. The compact nature of EverPanel and its ability to be transport efficiently, combined with its rigid yet lightweight design, make EverPanel idea for use as temporary structures for relief efforts.


Modular One Room Home

This is an example of a simple one room home that can be used for disaster relief efforts. Add a corrugated plastic or metal roof - zip tied to the EverPanels - to provide a complete shelter from the elements. Seams between panels can be easily taped using construction seaming tape, providing additional water resistance.


Modular Three Room Home / OFFICE

This design features a three room home or office, designed with separate interior spaces for various functions. Quickly deploy this structure in a disaster zone (in under 20 minutes) and benefit from the rigid nature of the structure, the insulation value, and the privacy offered. Use corrugated plastic or metal sheeting to create a solid roof structure.


Modular MEDICAL Clinic

This build features a multi-room medical clinic that can be easily transported and quickly deployed for use in remote operating environments. Use corrugated sheeting to provide a roof structure over the building. FRP panels are easily cleaned and sterilized and are non-absorbent.