Case Study: Modular Office Walls, Cubicle Dividers, Conference Rooms & Partitions

Posted by EverBlock on Mar 24th 2020

Client: PSA, Inc. - Panama City, Florida

Challenge: PSA wanted to quickly install complete offices, cubicles and divider walls in a rented office space that did not allow modifications and heavy construction.

Goals: PSA wanted to use the office layout to create a functional yet fun office environment that contributes to innovation and to the company’s dynamic development culture.

Concerns: The Company did not want to disrupt the day-to-day activities of the office and was worried about noise, dirt and debris that was likely when installing other modular office options. They also wanted to allow for later expansion or modification of their offices, or even a move to an alternate space in the future.

The Solution: Office walls, cubicle enclosures and pony walls designed using EverBlock® modular building blocks.


Jeff Snow from PSA, Inc., a product lifestyle management software development company, approached EverBlock, in need of a rapidly deployable and easily reconfigurable wall option for their offices in Panama City, Florida. As a functioning office, the goal was to install a complete office layout quickly and efficiently, over a single weekend or after hours, so as not to disrupt regular business activities.

PSA had considered other options, such as building permanent walls using traditional construction materials and utilizing other modular wall and cubicle systems, but these options were dismissed. Landlord restrictions on physical modifications and concern over long term disruptions to the workforce, precluded traditional construction. Concerns that other modular walls looked dated, weren’t easily installed or reconfigured without a skilled labor, and failed to capture the innovative spirit of the company eliminated these options from consideration.

Because many engineers work at PSA, Jeff felt that the EverBlock product would offer some nostalgia for employees and would be fun for the team to build, reconfigure periodically, and could be expanded as the company grew and changed over time.

Mr. Snow told the EverBlock team about the dynamic and innovative culture at PSA and shared details about their desired layout, company colors, and budget. As a result of this guidance, EverBlock proposed an attractive and interesting design that captured the corporate colors of the company, added a little “pop” to the pre-existing drab space, and provided the necessary privacy to team members.

EverBlock’s sales executive and designer, Ryan McLaughlin, assisted in designing the complete office layout for Mr. Snow, using EverBlock’s proprietary 3D Virtual Building system, which allowed PSA to visualize the wall installation prior to making a purchase. Ryan worked closely with Jeff to revise and modify the designs until it met the needs of the company. Each revision, Ryan sent a link to the new design, which can be rotated, zoomed in on, and modified.

When the 3D designs were finalized, the product was ordered and delivery of blocks occurred about 3 weeks from the start of the process, allowing the walls to be installed more quickly than anticipated.

The team at PSA worked after hours to install the modular block system and the activity became an impromptu team-building experience. In addition to receiving needed walls, the company was able to work together, interact, and bond over creating their unique space. Everyone was able to take pride in being a part of building the company’s offices.

After the first stage installation of EverBlock walls and cubicles, PSA decided to order more bocks to facilitate their expansion into additional space.


  • EverBlock is free-standing, allowing installation of complete offices without fastening to the existing walls and building, and precluding the need to request approval for physical modifications under a lease.
  • EverBlock can be easily installed and removed without tools, allowing for rapid and disruption-free installation and reconfiguration or expansion as company needs change.
  • EverBlock adds color, patterns and fun to any space, creating a spirit of innovation. It also provides a good team building experience and ownership of a space by the team.
  • EverBlock’s sales and design representatives model each installation in 3D to allow visualization of a space prior to purchase.
  • EverBlock product is delivered quickly, allowing for rapid transformation of a space.