EverBlock Introduces 3D Virtual Builder Software

Posted by EverBlock on Jun 16th 2015

EverBlock has introduced a 3D Virtual Builder to allow users and prospective customers to build with EverBlock online, get a count of the number of blocks their creation requires and view the construction in 3 dimensions.

The EverBlock Virtual 3D Builder allows you to add, stack, move, rotate, and delete blocks as needed and to view your object from all angles. Constructions can be saved for future use and a link is provided for easy access and collaboration between a team.

To enable the user to view their object's scale, the 3D EverBlock Builder allows you to insert a representation of a full size person.

Blocks can be moved using keyboard arrow keys, a mouse or trackpad, or online arrows. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand without detailed instructions.

The 3D EverBlock Builder keeps count of the number of blocks in each style and color, facilitating easy ordering of the required number of blocks.

The 3D builder can be found at build.everblocksystems.com