EverBlock Technologies Introduces EverBlock™

Posted by EverBlock on Dec 7th 2014

After an extensive period of research and development, EverBlock Technologies introduces its first structural building module, EverBlock™. The Company envisions this module will eventually become part of an extensive line of interconnecting parts and accessories that all connect using the proprietary EveryBlock Connection System.

To construct an object, designers simply align and stack sections together in the size, shape and quantity required. Typically blocks are offset to offer additional structural strength, similar to bricklaying or other techniques.

Conduit, power cables, and LED light strips may be run through either or both of the tubular channels that are an integral part of the EverBlock system and can provide both power and illuminate to various areas of the object. This is especially helpful for temporary buildings and other facilities such as storage sheds, temporary housing, modular office constructions, and military base applications, where power, illumination, and

These channels may also be used to stabilize constructions with metal rebar, or PVC rods that are inserted to provide additional strength and prevent parts from disconnecting. This method is ideal for taller constructions or where additional structural stresses are expected. Sections may be anchored into the ground using rebar or duckbill anchoring cables.

EverBlock is available in 12 colors and items may be shipped anywhere in the world.