Imagine Real World Minecraft Blocks

Posted by EverBlock on Feb 28th 2015

My kids love to play Minecraft on their iPad and they build some amazing things. I wanted to give them something real, more tactile, that they could connect and build large structures from.

EverBlock interlocking plastic blocks are oversized, allows adults to build really cool objects and entire "worlds", just like in Minecraft but in the real world.

I am always amazed at how Minecraft has a way of getting my boys to focus innerly and think about structures, architecture, fortifications, and what works together, but imagined that if we could do the same in the real world, using simple modular blocks, people would come up with really cool things to build.

The EverBlock system consists of 3 different block modules (A 12" long block , A 6" long block, and a finishing cap) that can be connected in different ways to build modular buildings, modular furniture, divider walls, experiential marketing decor, and event furnishings.

My kids have started to build really cool things with EverBlock and are spending just a bit less time on Minecraft on their iPad, so that makes me happy! Nothing like building something real in the real world! They've even added LED lights to spice things up and its pretty cool. Its been fun to have the whole family building things and its just the beginning.

Once summer comes we'll head outdoors and really start building some fun stuff.