LEGO® expanded all of our imaginations, EverBlock® allows us to think life-sized

Posted by EverBlock on Jan 22nd 2015

When I was a child I loved to play with LEGO, that wonderful toy that most of us couldn't get enough of.

As an adult, I watch my children get inspired by LEGO and build incredible creations. They have dozens of sets of legos which never cease to keep my children engaged. We are huge fans of LEGO and what it represents.

One day, my boy said to me - "wouldn't it be cool if you could build things, but life-sized and then change it". I sat musing over this for a while and was intrigued. I always wanted a Large LEGO block. I always imagined a Huge LEGO piece. I just never had access to anything like that.

After all, people are regularly building custom objects like stage sets, trade show displays, and even modular buildings, using metal trussing, wood, and other materials but until now there hasn't been a universal plastic building block that could be used for all types of constructions and broken back down into its basic building block to be used again in the future.

I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if there was a giant block that could be used to build the largest of creations? Imagine a modular office or modern furniture made from large and colorful plastic blocks." 

Well, the time has come for a giant, life-sized, block on steroids that one could use to build large things. EverBlock is designed to connect in a way that is familiar to most people, and 3 different blocks and 12 colors provide design flexibility.

With EverBlock, huge blocks are finally here and we're excited to be offering them for sale to designers and visionaries everywhere.

Do you have a great idea for a new product or object? Have you always wanted a universal building block to realize your ideas? Let us know, we love to hear what you're up to. Purchase one of the many big play block bulk pack sets that come with a variety of block sizes and colors.

Note: EverBlock utilizes a different size, shape, design, and connection lug than LEGO and is designed for a different purpose. No association with LEGO is represented or implied.

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