Press Release | EverBlock and The NYC Department Of Education Installs Hundreds of Modular Wall Panels and Portable Partitions For School Reopening

Posted by EverBlock on Sep 21st 2020

[NEW YORK, NY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 -- ] EverBlock Systems, LLC., the leading manufacturer and provider of modular building systems is working with The NYC Department Of Education and various other private charter schools to build temporary walls to supply modular classrooms to expand student capacity by converting gyms, cafeterias, auditoriums and other open communal spaces using modular wall panels and portable partitions.

“Working with various local City agencies and school facilities management, EverBlock was quick to assist with school reopening and mitigation planning for social distancing,” said EverBlock CEO, Arnon Rosan. “We are working with other regions as well to service more areas with our building solutions to help stop the spread of infectious diseases and getting kids back into schools safely.”EverPanel Modular Walls meet CDC and School Reopening guidelines and can be reconfigured, repurposed, and easily installed to maximize space and maintain social distancing.

The NYC DOE chose EverPanel and EverShieldbuild temporary walls to divide classrooms, create new spaces and to rapidly convert open gymnasiums, cafeteria halls, libraries and auditoriums into safe class-ready rooms.

Create separate study spaces using sanitary divider wall panels for social distancing and rapidly install linear feet of modular walls in just a few hours without any tools.

The EverShield™ Portable Partition System is ideal for in-person learning to protect teachers and students, divider long hallways at schools, libraries and anywhere a cost-effective and attractive partition is required. EverShield is being used to separate classrooms, gyms, and any room where a protective barrier and separation is required.

Free-standing EverShield portable partition screens for teacher and student safety are being used to divide gymnasiums, lunchrooms, libraries or other open spaces where social distancing dividers are needed.

The expert designers at EverBlock, using their 3D Virtual Builder designed a digital 3D rendering of the floor-plan of the school and space prior to purchase. EverBlock’s 3D Virtual Builder tool allows clients to build their design using the layer by layer instructions included.

EverBlock Systems. LLC, a New York based company manufactures life-size modular building blocks and modular sanitary divider walls to segregate populations, such as for warehouses, homeless shelters, temporary hospital installations, disaster relief facilities, and for disease spread mitigation.