Press Release | EverBlock Systems Launches Innovative Tubular-Shaped Blocks That Rotate to Create Shifting Wall Designs and Dividers

Posted by EverBlock on Feb 16th 2021

Introducing: The EverCurve!EverBlock introduces the EverCurve!

[MINNEAPOLIS, MN, FEBRUARY 15TH 2021 --] EverBlock®️ the leading manufacturer and provider of modular building systems has developed a unique cylinder-shaped building block system called, EverCurve™️. EverCurve consists of a series of interlocking tubular modules that connect to create walls, dividers, open partitions and other fun objects.

The EverCurve system consists of 3-cylinder shapes, as well as a rounded finishing cap. As with the EverBlock modular building blocks, EverCurve is available in 16 vibrant color options. Each EverCurve module has a set-backed, rounded, connector lug, on top, that is designed to allow additional tubes to nest, and lock, on top. 

EverCurve comes in a variety of sizes that create a unique structure like none other!

Tube modules are designed to connect easily, using a pressure fit which creates a strong link between blocks. Tubes can then rotate around this pressure fit, allowing for the creation of various shapes and angles.

Alternate EverCurve colors to build amazing modular partitions that add fun and excitement to your space. Choose between fully closed tubes or tubes with open spacing for ventilation and visibility.

Add curves to sections for added stability or to follow existing floor plans, surround furniture, or create visually stunning architectural patterns for dividers.

EverCurve modules are designed to be 100% reusable and reconfigurable and tubular modules are also recyclable.

EverCurve's modular design allows you to mix and match colors while creating something beautiful.