Simple Building Technique With EverBlock

Posted by EverBlock on Jun 20th 2017

Building with EverBlock is easy. Our blocks were designed with DIY in mind and building takes a matter of minutes. As with any structure, stability is an important part of this process. We’ve put together a quick-look guide on some basic building techniques to ensure that your design is fully stable, while still looking fierce.

Each Block has a series of connector lugs, designed to nest into the underside of the block. The lugs are designed to pressure fit into the corresponding slots on the underside of the block. Each block also has ribbing structural support to provide a nice and tight fit. Simply press down until the blocks are fully connected.

When building your design, we recommend utilizing a combination of block sizes. The blocks come in 3 sizes and one finishing cap size:

◙ Full Block: 12"L x 6"W x 6"H (+1" for lugs) 2.1 lbs.

◙ Half Block: 6"L x 6"W x 6"H (+1" for lugs) 1.0 lb.

◙ Quarter Block: 3"L x 6"W x 6"H (+1" for lugs) 0.5 lb.

◙ Finishing Cap: 12"L x 6"W x 1.1"H 0.25 lb.

Incorporating various block sizes allows for more flexibility in the creativity of your design. We recommend staggering the blocks in your construction to provide strength to your build. DO NOT simply stack the blocks directly on top of each other, stagger the blocks to create a “brick” lay pattern. This will increase the strength and stability of your object, allowing you to build taller and longer structures able to withstand wind, lateral pressure, or support roofs and other objects.

Rotating the blocks when building will allow you to extend your build in another direction; which is ideal for displays, buildings, displays and other multi-directional structures. Stagger your blocks and change directions to create a fully immersive and stable structure able to turn corners and heads.

For a finished look to your design, top off the blocks with an end cap. The finishing end caps are smooth topped pieces that snap to the top of the blocks. They are also used to cover the connector lugs and can be used to create table tops, bars, chairs, booths, benches and other objects which require a more finished construction. Creating a smooth, clean top surface has never been easier. You may also utilize EverBlock shelving or desktops to create desks, displays and other structurally sound objects and designs.

Depending on the size, application or type of object you are building, it may be necessary to added extra stability to your build. EverBlock offers a unique reinforcement pin which can be used to tighten the fit between the blocks. Simply place a reinforcement pin into one of the channels on the top side of the block and press down to connect the block below. Reinforcement pins are used to strengthen the connect between blocks. Once inserted, the pins will keep the blocks from separating and provide additional structural support.

Use these building techniques to create any object using EverBlocks. The blocks are designed to be quick and easy to build anything with. There are no tools required or contractors needed, just your two hands and a creative mind. If you can think it, you can build it.