Freestanding Walls For Corporate and Retail Use

EverPanel walls can be freestanding or affixed to adjacent fixed walls, ceilings or floors. For applications where walls are needed to divide open interior space, EverPanel shines because panels can be configured to free stand or float in a room. The addition of returns and/or columns provides the support needed and panels can be arranged into nearly any size or shaped floor plan needed for your corporate office, retail space, or residential space.


Simple Freestanding DIVIDER Wall

This is an example of a simple freestanding wall that might be used to divide an apartment to add a bedroom or divide an existing office into two offices. A door opening may be positioned to the right or left side, or in the middle, as needed.



This is an example of divider wall that might be used for a reception area at a doctors office or sports facility. The wall incorporates both an open reception area and a side door for entry and exit to the interior of the space.


X-Shaped Demountable Wall Divider

This build is an example of a simple X shaped wall, which can be used to divide a space into 4 quadrants. This construction can include doors or windows as needed or be solid, as shown.