Office & Privacy Room Designs

The EverPanel™ modular wall system is ideal for creating instant offices and rooms of all kinds. From conference rooms to corner offices, and from floating offices to double and triple along-the-wall offices, EverPanel is flexible enough to meet your varying needs. Most exciting is that when your needs change, EverPanel changes with you, allowing you to re-build the modular wall panels into completely new offices, cubicle layouts and portable walls.

Add window opening, doorways, polycarbonate (clear) panels, colored strips and accents, and additional insulation as needed, to customize your build for your specific needs.

EverPanel wall panels can be used to build offices and rooms nearly anywhere - in open lofts, factory spaces, residential apartments, and even outdoors.


Sample Modular Office / Portable Room Designs

Single Office IN Corner Using Two Fixed Walls

This is an example of a simple single office design, 12ft x 8ft, with one door, placed in the corner along two walls.



This is an example of two offices, placed along a fixed wall, floating along that wall. Note the two doors and divider wall between offices. Also note the window panels on the top of the wall panels, allowing in additional light

Any number of offices can be constructed this way, with or without a door and with or without a window above.


Privacy Room

Here is an example of using EverPanel to create customize-able privacy rooms for offices, schools, or anywhere a quiet space or room is required.