Residential Room Dividers

EverPanel allows you to create new rooms in your home or apartment, in minutes, without tools or the dust and debris of construction. Easily put up instant divider walls to create additional bedrooms. Divide a larger bedroom into two, or turn a dining alcoves into a room. Build out your basement quickly and easily with moisture and mold resistant panels. Add doors as needed to provide additional privacy for your newly created room.


Wall To Wall Room Divider with Door

This simple configuration is perfect for apartment shares and for dividing bedrooms or living rooms to create additional living space. Note the clear polycarbonate panels placed on top of the wall, to provide additional privacy while still letting light into the interior space.


Corner Room Using Two Fixed Walls

Create a room in a corner for use as a nursery, additional bedroom, closet or office space. Configure the room to any size and shape needed for your specific application and based on your space limitation.


T-Shaped Wall To Create Two Rooms

This is an example of utilizing s T shaped wall to create a divider in a room, separate the room into two sections. Typically this is used when dividing a large living room into two rooms, or otherwise dividing a room to create two bedrooms.