Case Study: MOUT Military Training Compounds and Facilities

Posted by EverBlock on Apr 9th 2020

Client: US Army / Australian Army - Operation Inherent Resolve - Camp Taji, Iraq

Challenge: The US and Australian Armies needed a system for building a new MOUT training compounds at Camp Taji in Iraq.

Goals: The user wanted a system that could be deployed quickly, reconfigured into new layouts as needs change, and which would last for many years.

Concerns: With a wide range of wind and temperature conditions, the user wanted to be sure that any system purchased could hold up to the elements. Furthermore, it was important that any systems chosen could be deployed and reconfigured easily by untrained personnel.

The Solution: EverBlock® modular building blocks and EverBase® modular flooring system.


EverBlock was contacted by representatives from Operation Inherent Resolve, which included both representatives from the Australian MOD and the US Army. It was determined that existing MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) training compounds at Camp Taji were no longer suitable for training the Iraqi forces and needed to be replaced. The existing structures being used were fixed wall systems that could not be reconfigured into new layouts. The old systems were made from plywood, which rotted, splintered, and broke down in the harsh weather conditions in Iraq. A new sustainable solution was required.

Sales executive and designer, Mark Barry, from EverBlock worked with the overseas team from Australia MOD to model out several different MOUT structures and facilities. After review and testing of the durability and structure of the building blocks, the client selected enough EverBlock modular building blocks to create 5 distinct modular structures, similar to actual houses, with doors, windows, hallways and rooms, that could be used for urban operations training.

Flooring was also needed, to minimize dust and to raise troops up out of potential water during rainy training days. The EverBase modular flooring system, which is designed to align with an work with EverBlock building blocks, was selected as the foundation for all MOUT structures.

The blocks and flooring needed to create the various structures were loaded into containers, also purchased by the user for subsequent storage, and shipped from EverBlock’s manufacturing facility in New York to the UAE and then onward to Camp Taji, using military transport. (NOTE: more MOUT compounds were subsequently purchased by the US Army for Operation Inherent Resolve and installed by the US Army in Iraq.)

A combination of Australian MOD and Iraqi soldiers worked together to install the first MOUT systems, while later systems were installed jointly by the Americans, Australians, and Iraqi’s. This unique team-building opportunity was a chance for the various teams to work together, collaborate, and get to know each other in a non-combat, non-training type of environment.

Once the structures were completed, the teams were then able to train inside and outside of the compounds and learn techniques such as room clearing operations, which is critical for combat in urban environments.

Because of the success of the first MOUT deployment, two other MOUT compound purchases were made through EverBlock, for use in Iraq and in Kuwait at Camp Arifjan.


  • EverBlock can handle high heat, direct sun, and temperature variations and will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate like older wooden systems.
  • EverBlock is durable enough to construct stable freestanding MOUT structures for training.
  • EverBase flooring may be used under EverBlock to provide dust mitigation and to prevent muddy situations from interfering with training.
  • EverBlock structures can be reconfigured, dismantled, and moved as training needs change.
  • EverBlock also provides a chance for teams to come together, interact in a fun and educational capacity.