Case Study: Trade Show Booth Designs

Posted by EverBlock on Apr 10th 2020

Client: LongTail UX - Designed and used at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York, NY

Challenge: LongTail UX wanted a reconfigurable trade show display that could be used and reused in different sizes and configurations, depending on the trade show being attended.

Goals: LongTail UX wanted a simple, easy to install exhibit booth that would capture the innovative culture of the firm and convey a “techie” modern feel at their trade show.

Concerns: LongTail UX is located in Australia, but attends several shows throughout the USA each year. As such they must make all arrangements and coordinate all aspects of their exhibitions early on. It was imperative that all designs were approved and confirmed for an on-time delivery.

The Solution: EverBlock® Modular Building Blocks.


When LongTail UX needed a stand-out modular booth for their USA based trade shows and exhibitions, they contacted EverBlock’s sales executive and designer, Benjamin Mackrell for guidance and assistance. Katie from LongTail UX knew that the company wanted a booth that could be reconfigured, scaled up, or scaled down, depending on the show and the booth size that the company planned to book. She also noted that with so much transport between shows, the company needs a “bullet-proof” solution that was durable, easy to clean, and compact enough to be shipped nationwide and even back to Australia.

Benjamin assisted Katie and her team in creating a unique design, one that captured the professional yet innovative culture at the company and which provided the clean and streamlined look and feel that would attract potential customers.

Using EverBlock’s online 3D Virtual Builder software, Benjamin provided several options to the team in Australia, allowing them to visualize the booth they would be building in 3D. EverBlock’s initial design went through several iterations, with a link and image of the booth being sent to the senior teams in Australia for review, comments, and final approval. Due to the time difference, this method worked well, enabling work to be done on the booth design during the day and comments to be made overnight, to be acted upon in the morning by EverBlock. This gave the team confidence in making such a remote purchase, half-way around the world.

The idea was to incorporate a “stepped” wall divider into the booth design, both to attract attention and to frame areas of the booth for salespeople to meet with clients to discuss their needs. The divider wall only partially divided the space, allowing a free flow of people throughout the booth.

A solid backdrop was built, incorporating support columns for stability, and an area was set back to allow placement of a TV monitor and shelf (below the TV.)

A simple EverBase 1 solid Black flooring was used, to compliment the colors of the booth and to provide a sleek, finished look. In order to exactly match an Orange color, that is part of the corporate branding of LongTail UX, Benjamin proposed that Katie procure a simple adhesive backed vinyl material, printed in the exact PMS color of their logo, and adhere that to the blocks in specific areas. This technique enabled customization of the booth beyond the standard 16 color options EverBlock offers and allowed them to purchase more generic White blocks from EverBlock.

Simple LED up-lights were positioned at the base of the columns to flood the wall with the yellow light and to create an ethereal, modern look. Because of the unique block shape of EverBlock, light touches the bottom of each block, creating a beautiful effect.

Benjamin Mackrell visited The Javitz Convention Center to meet the Longtail UX team and assist in assembling the booth. As is standard, simple step-by-step instructions were provided in PDF format direct from the 3D Virtual Builder, allowing anyone to build the booth, without tools, enabling avoidance of expensive convention labor.


  • EverBlock is modular and reconfigurable, allowing the same booth to be used in various configurations.
  • EverBlock can be easily installed and removed without tools, allowing for installation by unskilled personnel, without the use of expensive convention labor services.
  • EverBlock adds color, patterns and fun to any space, creating a spirit of innovation.
  • EverBlock booths can support TV’s, shelving, and other features.
  • Add vinyl adhesive backed wallpaper or sheeting to change color or add graphics to generic White Blocks (or purchase blocks in over 16 standard colors.)