EverBlock Listed as the #1 Holiday Gift For Kids by Daily Mom

Posted by EverBlock on Dec 1st 2020



Virtual schooling have you feeling like anything but a superhero? We get it. This school year has thrown us for a loop and the knot seems to only be getting tighter and tighter, choking off our patience! Don’t worry, build it and they will come. Nothing will engage your child more than ginormous blocks to stack, color coordinate, and build; especially if it’s one of the most powerful superheroes…The Hulk!

Your kids, nephews, and nieces will come running down to school time at the start of the next semester when they get to sit at a cool The Hulk Super Hero Desk Kit by EverBlock! It’s time to break out the superheroes, because this year, we all need one!

Talk about the perfect Christmas gifts for kids of all ages. We don’t think they’ll have to be in school to enjoy these enormous blocks of interlocking fun and creativity. When it’s time for school they can have a fun and colorful desk designed to look like their favorite superhero. When virtual or homeschool time is up, break it down and let their imagination take over for a few hours while you go and decompress!

The Hulk Super Hero Desk Kit includes 6 Black Full Blocks, 16 Green Full Blocks, 16 White Full Blocks, 4 Black Half Blocks, 9 Green Half Blocks, 8 White Half Blocks, 4 Black Quarter Blocks, 2 Green Quarter Blocks, 2 Green Finishing Caps, 4 Green Quarter Caps, & 1 Desktop.

We bet you can already see their faces when they see the boxes near the Christmas tree hoping that their name is on the label! Warning: They won’t fit under the tree. That’s totally fine. Truly, these are the most “wow” Christmas gifts for kids you could ever surprise them with on Christmas morning. EverBlock: A sigh of relief for parents and an amazing building experience for your kids.

Credit: Daily Mom