EverBlock | The Meaning of Modular

Posted by EverBlock on May 18th 2017

The word “modular” originated in 1798 as a term in mathematics from the French word “modulaire,” or in modern Latin “modularis,” and means “a small measure.” In 1936 the word as we know it today was adapted to mean “having parts that can be connected or combined in different ways.”

While modular-type units have been around for a long time, the application has changed in recent years. Modular furniture, walls, designs, displays, education, objects and structures are now at the forefront of our society.


People want flexibility with function, design by desire, to build without permanence.

These are the reasons why EverBlock was born! To provide an integrated system of design and function flexibility.

With EverBlock you can design your own furniture for home or office using our fun and sophisticated 3D Virtual Builder.

If you need assistance with design, we are here to help.

The EverBlock System was designed to allow you to build nearly anything.

Reflect your individuality and build amazing things with our modular system of over-sized plastic building blocks.

Building is fun and takes mere minutes. It is also quick and simple to take apart and reassemble into hundreds of other objects, structures and designs.

EverBlock comes in three block sizes; Full Block, Half Block, Quarter Block and a Finishing Cap that interlocks to create a flat smooth top surface. These varying block sizes allow for an unlimited building potential and designs.

Whether you are looking to outfit an entire office with modular cubicles, desks and partitions, or simply add style and accents to your home, EverBlock in the solution.

Think outside of the ‘block’ and get modular today.