Modular Design Ideas Using EverBlock’s Life-Size Building Blocks

Posted by EverBlock on Apr 9th 2021

Modular Design Ideas Using EverBlocks

EverBlock Systems has garnered a great deal of popularity in recent years, with viral videos in the millions of views demonstrating timelapse footage of how quickly projects can be built and designed with life-size modular building blocks. They have been used across a variety of commercial and residential environments to great effect due to their reusability and reconfigurability.

In this blog post, by Albritton Interiors, they share some modular construction ideas you can try using their colorful building blocks.

Create Colorful Rooms

If you have a lot of space in your residential property and are planning to create another room, why not create it using EverBlock? Combine blocks of different colors to achieve a fun look or keep it simple by going for blocks of a single color. No matter what you do, creating new rooms is now incredibly easy using EverBlock Systems.Create colorful room dividers, partitions or any kind of divider with blocks of all sizes!

Design Unique Furniture

If you’ve been desperately searching for a new table, end your search right now and build one using one of the pre-designed Furniture Kits available by EverBlock Systems. Not all people like wooden furniture, and if you’re the type who would like to have something that looks and feels more modern, a side table or seating made from EverBlocks would be ideal for you. And why stop at just a table? You can explore several other furniture ideas too.

There's no shortage of objects to build using EverBlocks.

Play Spaces

For kids growing up, it’s vital to interact with objects of different shapes and sizes during play. It greatly influences how they learn to navigate around various objects in their vicinity. That’s why they need dedicated free-play spaces. Using EverBlock Systems, you can design a distinct array of objects inside play spaces that kids naturally love to interact with. The blocks can also be used in an educational setting for STEM and STEAM Learning programs. 

Kids have the ability to get a hands on experience building anything they can imagine!

Promotional Event Designs

Promotional events and branding activations need environments that attract and engage potential customers. EverBlock gives brands and event-planners an affordable way of setting up their promotional event environments using modular building blocks. Simply pick and choose blocks of different colors depending on your brand identity. For example, if your brand logo features green and white, you can set up the environment of your promotional events using green and white blocks. This would help you establish your brand identity in front of your target audience attending the event.

EverBlocks are used in all events, festivals and large gatherings to make anything!

Office Space Designs

Office spaces require partitions and divider walls so that different teams can do their work without getting distracted. Using EverBlock’s modular building blocks, allows you to create fun and exciting cubicle partitions that let your employees perform at their finest during office hours. You can also create colorful or branded divider walls that will make your office space look more attractive and impress visitors.

Room dividers, walls and partitions are easily created using EverBlocks and can spice up any kind of room!

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EverBlock Life-Size Modular Building Blocks are used to build temporary and permanent walls, dividers, exhibits, furniture, retail displays, in educational learning, military for MOUT Training and more.

EverCurve™ Tubular Cylinder-Shaped Building Block System consists of a series of interlocking tubes that are connected to create walls, dividers, partitions, and other fun objects. Unlike other wall systems, EverCurve allows you to create rounded walls, wavy walls, and curved walls offering you complete flexibility.

EverPanel® Modular Wall System allows you to quickly build all types of floor plans using a series of lightweight, durable, fire retardant panels that connect using a proprietary lug and connector system.

EverShield® Portable Partitions are used to divide hallways, clinics, factory floors, lunchrooms or other spaces where social distancing dividers are required.

EverScreen® Desktop Dividers separates workers and staff sitting on opposite sides of the table and/or place screens side-by-side, between employees to separate desks or workstations.

EverBlock® Flooring is a line of portable interlocking flooring modules that incorporates the latest technology in modular flooring design, with an advanced connection system and a focus on structural strength.

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