Portable Free-Standing Partition System For Social Distancing

Posted by EverBlock on Aug 13th 2020

Divide your space or floor-plan efficiently using EverShield modular divider panels. Choose between a Clear vinyl top half, and a solid White vinyl bottom half, or a completely Clear or Solid White vinyl option. Vinyl fabric panels are designed to ship compactly and to be assembled on site quickly.

Simply sleeve fabric panels over the durable PVC coated, metal framing system, which connects to a baseplate for a free-standing portable safety partition system. Baseplates are designed to nest, allowing multiple panels to be placed side-by-side for long divider runs. Allow for greater light and communication in spaces, while helping keep working environments clean and orderly to make life easier for staff.

The EverShield is easy to assemble and take apart, making it a reusable in the long term and a product that can be repositioned and repurposed quickly and easily.


EverShield partitions are the ultimate solution to implementing social distancing in hallways. Placed perfectly in the center of a hall, you can create two hallways to help manage the direction of foot traffic and limit unnecessary contact. EverShields also work well in long hallways/ corridors because they were designed to be connected The baseplates that help allow for freestanding partitions are designed to link , allowing multiple panels to be placed side-by-side for long divider runs. These sturdy panels are smart and safe! Perfect for walkway directions for entering and exiting the halls of school buildings, test centers, airports, hospitals, lobbies, and any other location where distancing is needed.