EverPanel Base Kit

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EverPanel Base Kit

The EverPanel Base Kits are designed to provide a means of supporting panel walls. Two sizes are available, 2ft tall panel support bases and 8ft tall panel support bases.

EverPanel Walls should be supported at either end of a wall, and at least every 8 feet in length along a partition. These support can be Base Kits, EverPanels placed at 90º angles to create support legs, or L-Shaped Mounting Channel fastened into existing permanent structure.


Kit Contains:

  • Steel Base Plate
  • Threaded Steel Rod
  • Steel Connecting Cap
  • Steel Wingnut


Installation Instructions:

  1. Screw threaded rod into base plate lug.
  2. With the panel laying on its face or edge, then run the threaded rod through the panel in the desired lug port (typically the 2nd or 3rd lug port from the panel edge.  NOTE: Lug port nearest the corner cannot host the threaded rod.
  3. Once threaded rod is fully through the panel, and base plate lug is seated in the port, place Connecting Cap over the threaded rod.
  4. Finger tighten the wingnut down to hold the Connecting cap in place.
  5. Raise panel into desired position & connect any additional panels.

Product Dimensions:

Large Base Plate 23" Wide

    • Large Base Plate extends 10" from panel

Small Base Plate 10" Wide

    • Small Base Plate extends 3.5" from panel