EverPanel Pony Wall Kit

$654.00 - $1,547.00


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EverPanel is a unique modular wall panel system that allows you to quickly and economically divide space, create workstations and clearly define separate areas. The window on top of the partition allows you to gain a little more privacy with no visibility loss.

With EverPanels, you can create demountable walls, rooms, and dividers for offices and residential spaces easily. Build portable backdrops, data cooling centers, trade show booths, exhibits, retail displays, art display walls, gallery walls, theatrical or film sets or event dividers - the possibilites are endless.

For our EverPanel installation guide, click here.

Shipping Details: EverPanels are always shipped on a 40” x 48” Pallet or for panels larger than 4 feet, 96" x 44".  These panels are delivered curbside - read more information here!

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