The Block Furniture With 100 Uses and Designs

Posted by EverBlock on Oct 6th 2017

The EverBlock System was imagined and designed with one thing in mind - the fascination of using 3-4 building blocks that can be used to build hundreds of designs, structures and applications. Build anything you want, and then take it apart and shaped into another fantastic creation.

Who doesn’t want to be their own designer? With EverBlock modular furniture, you can build whatever you want in just a matter of minutes. EverBlock’s ability to turn a desk into a chair, a divider wall into a functioning bar, or a bench into a bookshelf means that you’ll always be able to create something new using the SAME blocks.

EverBlock comes in 16 crisp modern colors that will fit any decor or style. Custom colors can be ordered as well for larger sized orders. The blocks come in multiple sizes, so you can really create anything you want! Add EverBlock finishing caps for a smooth look and finish, or you can add glass or wooden tops to desks, tables, bookshelves for that modern appeal.

The blocks are capable of supporting shelves and EverBlock offers a unique shelving system that works seamlessly with each block size. Each shelf is designed with pre-cut holes on each side and nests neatly over the block for a tight installation.

EverBlock shelves are great for a bookshelf or providing some extra storage. Each shelving unit comes in white brushed metal and is great for any room in the house, from the bedroom to the living room to the garage.

Take EverBlock with you to college and transform your space into a functioning dorm room with storage, sleeping and study space. Build a shelf, a desk and chair, bed risers and so much more! EverBlock’s modularity makes them the perfect accessory for any college student.

You can be your own interior designer, at home, in the office or at school. EverBlock provides a modern take on style and modular furniture, making it easier than ever to bring your imagination to life.

See all that you can create using our 3D Virtual Builder, we have hundreds of pre-built designs in the Design Library. If short on design time, we also offer Furniture Kits pre-designed and ready to ship!

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