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No Tools Required Big Play Blocks

Create and build the fun with EverBlocks! Lightweight and reusable, these big play blocks are easy to set up and break down when needed. Our unique interlocking block system challenges and inspires while allowing you to actually create useable objects such as furniture, room dividers, partitions and other classroom decor.

These big toy blocks are designed to be easy for kids to use, with simple, interlocking pieces that can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are available in a range of colors which allows you to customize the look of whatever you're building!

EverBlock is great for fostering an environment of play and learning found in schools, classrooms and colleges across the world. Our modular blocks can also be found in museums, amusement centers, playgrounds, NASA's Space Camp, and more!
EverBlock is used by schools and in classrooms for interactive educational learning programs to keep kids engaged, while offering a modular solution to functional classroom design.

Hands On Learning With Giant Play Blocks

Made of recyclable polypropylene, these durable and lightweight play blocks are commonly used in STEM and STEAM programs. These giant building blocks allow students to explore principles of design, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and exciting way. Learn how The Heschel School in New York used giant play blocks to engage students using hands-on-learning techniques.

Build your desk with these modular giant blocks and when your work is done, make your bed within minutes! With no tools required, you can easily construct any kind of furniture and rebuild or re-configure as needed

Building Fun Indoors and Outdoors

EverBlocks are a great choice for kids who enjoy building and constructing things. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing a versatile and engaging activity for children of all ages. Indoors, these jumbo sized modular blocks can be used to build structures such as forts, castles, and playhouses, providing a fun and imaginative play space for kids. Outdoors, EverBlocks can be used to build structures such as housing units, obstacle courses, playground equipment, and even backyard sheds or cabins.

Overall, EverBlocks are a fun and engaging activity for kids that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. They provide an opportunity for children to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to build and create, helping to foster important life skills such as critical thinking and spatial reasoning.

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